Sheydaei Gallery hosts group show ‘Catharsis’.

‘Catharsis’ group show of painting, sculpture ana video art which has been curated by Donya Rostami is going to be on view from July8th to July 29th at Sheydaei Gallery.

According to Pana News, artworks by Anis Beigzadeh, Maryam Radmehr, Donya Rostami, Hasti Tabatabaei and Fatemeh Mansouri are on view for art lovers from July 8th to July 29th.

Donya Rostami says:” The first exhibition of our 5-artist group is titled ‘Catharsis’. What we have in common is being classmates at art university and our consistency of friendship”. She utters: “Last September during the pandemic, I formed the group with 4 artists. Each artist member is living in a part of the world. Despite the fact that we are far apart and there is time difference, we tried to get related, listen to common music, make common spaces and expand our artistic mental encyclopedia. In March, Maryam Radmehr, the 5th member joined us. She resumes:” Little by little we started dealing with common concerns and that is why we decided to create artworks about catharsis which are inspired by our womanhood and the pains each of us experienced in our lives. We did so and presented them as a group exhibition.

Rostami continues: “I hope we could keep on our activities and make it to present our group and solo shows in different cities and countries.”

In this exhibition about 20 artworks of painting, sculpture and video art are on view. The show runs till July 29th . Sheydaei Gallery is closed on Saturdays.