She is not within herself / Shaghayegh Saeedi at Sheydaei Gallery

Shaghayegh Saeedi’s solo exhibition “She is not within herself” is held in Sheydaei Gallery. In this exhibition, about 20 photography artworks are showcased by a multimedia artist who has deeply saught unknown world and reflected the images out of her inner space.

In the statement we can read: “I have experienced numerous journeys and stays in the world, both outwardly and
inwardly. And in every journey, whether short or long, the horizon and the path were
like a reflective mirror, reflecting me.
In every encounter, a camera stood before me to capturing me, who was flowing in the
water and the mirror, the window and the sky, and everything around me. It’s as if the
womb of existence is pregnant with my true reality, experiencing mysterious secrets like
the physical space between a mother and the child awaiting birth, a birth in the
perception of being and departing.”

Shaghayegh Saeedi was born in 1976 and holds B.A. in Chemical engineering. All her artistic activities have caused her to be a true curious artist who can manage to harmonize her awe from unknown world while using diverse materials.

The artist’s first solo exhibition “She is not within herself” opened in Oct. 6th at Sheydaei Gallery and runs till Oct. 20th, 2023.

"Shaghayegh Saeedi-Contemporary artist -Sheydaei-Art-Gallery"