Niknaz Moeini Fard

b. 1993

Niknaz Moeini Fard

Niknaz Moeini Fard
Born in 1993
B.A. in Historical Monuments restoration
M.A. in Art Research

Group Exhibitions:
Painting Exhibition – Avini Art and Culture Complex – 2012 – Hamedan – Iran
Painting Exhibition – Saeidieh Tower – 2013 – Hamedan – Iran
Painting and installation Exhibition – Soo Art Gallery – 2020– Tehran – Iran
Painting Exhibition – Sheydaei Gallery – 2020 – Tehran – Iran

Being intuitive in everything is the reason of both joy and beauty. The simplified images in my paintings transfers the meaning much faster to the viewer.In fact my objective in using animated figures in my artworks is to arise the sense of identification with characters and objects.
The visual features of my works are belongs to the sensory world so the objects in the real world could definitely have their own identity .