Kayvan Asgari

b. 1968

Kayvan Asgari

Kayvan Asgari
Born in Tehran,
11 March 1968
M.A. and B.A. in painting, Art University of Tehran

Summary of professional qualifications and experience
• Attending more than 150 Group painting exhibitions
• Attending 10 individual painting, drawing and photography exhibitions
• Teaching training courses in the center of civilizations conference ( mankind from an artist’s view)
• Cooperating with international organizations of mental education of children and teenager
• Cooperating with Iranians and welfare administration of overseas
• Being a member of the referee team in the painting competition of Staedtler Co. in Iran, 1382
• Being a member of the referee team in children’s painting competition on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Hans Christiane Anderson’s birthday, (Iranian artists’ Home), 1384
• Being a member of the selecting team for the Iranians’ illustrators’ works of art to participate in Bratislava International Competition
• Designing poster on the occasion of Hans Christiane Anderson’s birthday
• Making a speech (paper dreams. Reviewing the Anderson’s handicrafts works) , (Iranian artists’ Home), 1384
• Making a speech with Mr. Aydin Aghdashloo (painting and illustrating relations), Ketab-e-Mah Building, 1384
• Cooperating with Channel 2 of IRIB
• Holding a Work Shop and participating in Child. Instructor. Creativity Congress.
• Holding a Work Shop and participating in European Literature Congress in Iran, (mental education club, 1383)
• Making four speeches due to the invitation of Ketab-e-Mah Magazine (1383-1384)
• Holding four Work Shops under the title of: artistic child, child artist in Child. Instructor. Creativity Congress (1391)
• Designing and publishing 7 Art and Culture posters for Creative Art Department. Siena collage. NY
• The nominated Work Shop on the occasion of Imam Ali’s birthday, in Imam Ali museum, 1387
• The candidate of the 11th Biennial photography of Iran, Tehran-Yazd, 1387
• Painting workshop (4 Athina art fair ) ,zervas art and Unesco 2017
• Painting workshop (2 Paris art fair), Unesco 2018

Professional positions:
• Member of board in Iranian painters’ community, 1387-1390
• Honorary member of Iranian painters’ community
• Continual member of Iranian illustrators’ community
• Educational manager of Iranian illustrators’ community, 1388
• Founder and manager of Lotus Visual Art Institution
• Member of the founders team of Mehr Children and Teenagers’ Literature and Culture Club
• Official member of “White Wall” painting group
• University lecturer of Art Universities in Tehran for 25 years.


Kayvan Asgari - Untitled
Kayvan Asgari - Untitled
Kayvan Asgari - Untitled