“First Hello Then Persistence”

“First Hello Then Persistence”
Group Show
Friday 04/09/2020 till Tuesday 22/09/2020

On September 4th 2020 Sheydaei Gallery unveiled an inaugural curated group show titled “First Hello then Persistence” to open its door to the public. The main concept of the exhibition was to attract the attention of the audience to the destruction and disappearance of the old city structures. Also, how “time” can affect the oldness, newness, nostalgy and civil aesthetics. In fact the artists interpreted their vision of civil structures which are about to be destroyed or already been destroyed. The show was an elite contemporary artists carrying conceptual features in their artworks.The exhibition continued till September 22nd 2020.The last day of the show was programmed by the gathering of the participated artists in the show.

Link: https://galleryinfo.ir/Event/fa/14043

"First hello then persistence- group exhibition- sheydaei gallery"