Exhibition review of Narges Ranjbar’s solo show “Home,so far so close

The review over the solo exhibition “Home, so far so close” featuring photos by Narges Ranjbar was held at Shydaei Gallery on Sep. 8th 2023 host by two art critics Ali Yahyaei and Amin Hamikhah and a number of art lovers.

 The photos on view in the exhibition were taken through the artist’s trip during 8 years and were made on the basis of photomontage technique.

The statement of the exhibition utters: “I considered home as a waiting room where I had to attend in order TO GO somewhere else.

through all my few life experiences, home has always played the role of a secure place most of the time. home is where we can return to many times and start living. during my trips in the past years, I came into the idea that all my feelings and thoughts about home can turn different. It can also be a place where one do not miss or do not seek security. I remembered an old unmarried woman who buried all here dreams in the home. I remembered that old man who witnessed death of his beloved ones.

the images of the homes I photographed are taken through my diverse idea about the homes where are not playing the role of a secure place to live anymore and do not expect anyone. “

In this review, Ali Yahyaei he described the photos depicting a kind of sadness originating from the artist’s look from the world around. He added that the artists professionally used blackish gray tones which means not only does she follow a critical outlook but also, she is dominant in maintaining the details. Finally, he proposed an alternative title for the exhibition “Darkness is about to surrender home.”

Then, Amin Hamikhah pointed to the complication of contemporary photographers’ status while indicating linear-analytical route in evolution of world of photography. Since they are expected not to be affected by the common representative atmosphere of social networking. This is where Narges could manage to overcome it and stand in the right place.

To continue, he emphasized that it is a modern coincidence in Narges’s photos where object and subject merge. This is why Narges is considered as a contemporary photographer.

This solo exhibition was opened on Sep. 1st,2023 and runs till Sep. 22nd,2023 at Sheydaei Gallery located in unit1, no.149, Bahar-E-Shiraz sq., Bahar-E-Shiraz st, Haf-E-Tir sq., Tehran, Iran.

Visiting hours: Sunday to Thursday 3 to 7:30 p.m. and Fridays 4 to 8 p.m.

Sheydaei Gallery is closed on Saturdays.